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Thread and Screw Gauges, Fastener Reference and Study Books, Fastener Training & Educational Posters, Screw Chek’rs, Fastener & Engineering Slide Guides, Gage-It Hardware Gauges, Rivet Gauges and Thread Checkers are all part of the goal to become “The Leading Source of Information for Fastener Professionals.”

Any fastener distributor, fastener manufacturer, engineering firm, trade school or Engineering school should have a selection of fastener books in their company or school library for quick reference and referral to fastener standards, dimensional information, tolerances and fastening applications. The Fastener Black Book I personally use all the time and value it as an outstanding source of information in a handy “tool-box” book. The Machinery’s Handbook, 29th Edition, known as “The Bible of the Mechanical Industries” has been continuously updated for more than a 100 years. This 29th Edition has 90 new pages which includes information on helical coil screw inserts, statistics, calculating thread dimensions, keys and keyways, miniature screw threads and a whole lot more! The IPT Industrial Fasteners Handbook and Industrial Fasteners Training Manual is both a program to teach correct fastening methods in industrial schools and colleges as well as a comprehensive on-site reference for seasoned fastener professionals. The Industrial Fastener Study Guide has long been a leading fastener teaching guide for fastener distributors. The five technical fastener books offered from CRC Press are recognized world-wide as the most authoritative fastener reference source in the fastener industry. Guy Avellon’s new book about Fastener Safety: A Guide for Keeping Things Tight along with Preventive Maintenance, Failure Analysis and Operations Improvement & Analysis is another booth that absolutely should be on your book shelf.

The Fastener Training & Educational Posters are very unique to the fastener industry for their detailed information. The fourteen Fastener Visuals™ posters have raised the bar for making it easy for new fastener people to learn fastener descriptions. The How-To posters will help to eliminate mistakes, increase sales, profits and customer satisfaction. The training poster about the proper way to write a correct fastener description demonstrates without question how much this poster alone can help to provide great customer service and stop costly errors. From NASA, to Mechanical Engineering Schools, to Fastener Distributors and Manufacturers these posters have always made a great return on the investment made by one to improve their business.

The Ultimate Engineering Screw Chart is a “Must Have” for Engineers, Machinists, Designers, and all purchasing and fastener sales personal…inside or out. The Screw Data Selector is another handy slide chart that should be readily available to find out dimensional information on standard fasteners.

The website offers the most complete selection of thread gauges, thread checkers and Screw Chek’rs in the United States today! Gauges are available for both the inch standard and metric thread series in either plastic or metal. For over 20 years, when I was in the fastener distribution business I always had one of these gauges in my back pocket for quick identification of a thread series and the fastener’s length. A thread gauge should be a standard item, if you will, for the “Uniform of the Day.” For any person dealing with fasteners in a hands-on atmosphere, like a Will-Call Counter or receiving and shipping fasteners in the warehouse should carry a thread gauge on them for identification and/or double-checking a fastener thread size or length.

The Fastener Journal Store will continuously evaluate various tools and fastener books for their on-line store. Check back with us frequently to see the latest and newest items on the market to help increase and improve your business. We have new items already coming in, but will not announce them until they are in stock for immediate shipment.

Tom Massar
President / Publisher
American Fastener Journal

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